Sea Surface Salinity delayed mode data from Voluntary Observing Ships Network, 2015 release.

The 2015 release of the validated delayed time data from the French SSS Observation Service (SSS-OS) identified as: DOI:10.6096/SSS-LEGOS is available.

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Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) is an essential climate variable that requires long term in situ observation. The French SSS Observation Service (SSS-OS) manages a network of Voluntary Observing Ships equipped with thermosalinographs (TSG). The network is global though more concentrated in the tropical Pacific and North Atlantic oceanic basins. The acquisition system is autonomous with real time transmission and is regularly serviced at harbor calls. The high resolution data retrieved from the acquisition system during ship calls is processed through a dedicated software (freely available) for attribution of data quality flags by visual inspection, and correction of TSG time series by comparison with climatology, onboard daily water samples and collocated Argo data. Details can be found in the reference below. The validated delayed time data are made available for educational and research purposes through an interactive web interface.

Citation:Delcroix Thierry; Alory Gaël; Téchiné Philippe; Diverrès Denis; Varillon David; Cravatte Sophie; Gouriou Yves; Grelet Jacques; Jacquin Stéphane; Kestenare Elodie; Maes Christophe; Morrow Rosemary; Perrier Julien; Reverdin Gilles; Roubaud Fabrice; (2002): Sea Surface Salinity data from Voluntary Observing Ships Network; The French Sea Surface Salinity Observation Service (SSS OS).